Have a complicated academic paper due? It’s high time to find some online essay writing help. As I started searching the appropriate website by reading the negative and positive testimonials, I want to share my experience concerning one of them. From time to time I receive from one to three essay writing tasks on different subjects. To be honest, I rarely have inspiration and time for writing and looking for the best materials in the libraries. In case I have a lot of things to cope with, I don’t want to get myself worked up.
What is my plan of action in such situations? I DELEGATE the hardest tasks to the right custom essay writing services. Actually, I have several of them for myself. Among them is ScholarAdvisor site. The most interesting thing about this company is that it was created by student for students and they offer writing all kinds of written assignments. That’s why I entrusted my term paper on Linguistics (btw, my topic was: Assessment of Language Disorders in Children) to them.

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General Impressions about the Writing Service

If you do a forum search you will find many past posts on this company. At first sight, the website looks quite simple and typical, but I decided not to judge the book by its cover. There are a number of diverse samples of creative essays and helpful writing tools available even for unregistered clients, so you have an opportunity to evaluate the quality of the work the writers provide. You may use online:
•    grammar checker;
•    spelling checker;
•    free plagiarism checker.
The company has the pages on social media like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook for those who want to stay up to date. There are both American and British writers and you can choose an appropriate language style for your paper. However, it is not clear why the service with the specific aim is bustling with excessive information.

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Are the Prices Affordable?

Buying procedure is sophisticated.  Every type of paper presupposes different sum of money. For instance, there are three levels of quality : Standard/Premium/Platinum. Check out what can make your academic paper more expensive:
•    Quality Level: $ 15.99 (per page) for Standard, $ 24.99 for Premium; $ 27.99 for Platinum;
•    If you want your work to be fulfilled by top 10 writers +$ 50.00;
•    If you want UK writer + $ 14.00;
•    If you want a plagiarism report $ 41.99;
•    If you want VIP support + $ 9.99;
•    + $ 69.97 for proofread by editor;
•    + $ 77.98for VIP Service package.
I chose 10 days for completing my term paper (10 pages) on Linguistics of Platinum quality. I added “I want UK writer” and “I want a plagiarism report” and the total price was: $ 335.89. Is it affordable for you?

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I expected the highest quality for such price but I got “B-” from my professor. I was not very upset as there are plenty of other cheap and professional companies to choose from. Think twice before using this essay writing service. Don’t waste your money on the papers of poor quality!

After conducting a detailed analysis of, we would recommend you to try other a reliable one service