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Number one in my top list of custom essay writing services in Canada stands They claim to have writers from all over the US and the UK. Also they claim to write five times faster than college students and three times faster than other essay services.

Samedayessay reviews

That’s what they claim, but let me give you my own personal opinion. Well, I’ve evaluated many different academic writing services so I can say with certainty that SameDayEssay is one of those services which I find a tad more than just satisfactory.

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You can order your assignment in the morning and they’ll deliver it within that day. The paper on PCO was written according to my requirements and it saved a lot of time. And it’s not just me; many other users have been very satisfied with the high quality of this service as well. What’s more is that they offer zero plagiarism, cheap essay writing services, free samples, discounts and price-offs. They also maintain your confidentiality. You will have copyrights to the essay you pay for. Also. they only hire writers that are native to the US and the UK or graduates from the accredited universities holding at least a Master’s degree. So, you can be assured that their English is free of error. Best part, if you don’t like the essay they’ve written for you, they’ll rewrite it for free as many times as necessary to get it right!

Compared to the quality, the prices are quite modest and reasonable. The price of each essay depends on different factors; such as, whether you’re a high school student, a college student or a PhD candidate and the window of time you need the essay in.

Here’s a chart from their website itself, showing the price in details.

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As for customer support, it’s more than satisfying! Sameday essay have a 24/7 support system for any inquiry you have on their website. In my case, whenever there have been any issues with my paper the customer support tried their best to find solutions. It’s also possible to contact them via phone. Their messaging system lets you to communicate with the writer working on your paper. You can use their system to send directions, make detailed requests, upload files and deliver other useful information that you want in your essay or research paper. However, you can’t exchange personal information or be friends with the writer.

Customer feedback is nothing but positive for this sight except for a few bad seeds who can find fault in everything. But as a user myself, I strongly recommend this service. They really are professionals and one of the best in the business for essay writing in Canada.