There is literally nothing more embarrassing than choosing your own topic in college literature class only to discover that you are unable to write it. When I chose to examine “Anglo-Saxon Writing,” I thought it would make for an interesting essay. And it did, right until I reached a specific part. I needed help from a professional writer.

Finding Help in an Online Tutoring Platform

After I had realized I wouldn’t manage to beat the deadline, I called up a friend to ask for advice. Since she knew little of the subject, she recommended I try company – online tutoring platform.

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First Time Impression

The first thing I noticed when completed loading was how user-friendly it was. There was a login screen and a chat screen. I went straight to chat screen using the messenger. The chat option was a more convenient way for me, although there was also the option to contact them via phone.
I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive the website was. It was past midnight, but someone professional and friendly promptly replied to my questions. She told me to wait for a writer (or an academic expert, as she put it) to be located. This only took a few minutes, after which I was given a quotation for the work.

Why is so Cheap?

The price given to me on my order was unbelievably affordable. For a second I even thought it wasn’t legit. But when I checked online for reviews of this site, I was amazed to find many positive reviews and people who had found help from writers. Everything seemed good so far, and I’m happy to say it stayed this way throughout.

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Personally, I feel that I couldn’t have gotten a more qualified writer to assist with my assignment, he was very helpful. I was assigned someone with vast knowledge on Anglo-Saxon writing, and I got plenty of detailed information regarding my topic and even a few surrounding ones.

Conclusion is a company that’s also my new best friend. The writer I was assigned with constantly communicated to update me on the progress of my assignment and made sure I was satisfied with the quality. I couldn’t be happier with my essay; it came out as perfect as I have envisioned it and sooner than I had imagined!

I’ll make sure to visit more in the future, once I get a tough assignment or difficult papers to write. It’s a welcome addition to any college students tool set.

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My rating:

  • Cheapness 9/10
  • Customer support 10/10
  • Communication 8/10
  • Quality of Services 8/10
  • Delivery Times 10/10

There you go, hope this review was helpful.