I was assigned a paper for my English class at college. Even though it was assigned a week in advance, but me being me, it slipped out of my mind and I totally forgot. Then 2 days before submission our teacher reminded us that it was due. It was part of our final grade. As I sat down to write, I simply could not formulate my thoughts. It just did not come to me. Then I thought of using some online service for getting my work done. I came across and approached them.

What did this service offer?

I thought would be the perfect fit for me and my assignments – an essay on “The Language of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.” They had:

  • an impressive-looking website
  • claims about some of the best academic writing
  • allegedly the best writers on board
  • positive reviews from happy clients (more on that later)
  • huge discounts that could be availed
  • and even customization in essay, academic writing and college level writing

I had the leverage to pick my own writer, go through their success rates and then choose.

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MyPaperWriter was offering me affordable rates and were even willing to do the work in just 5 hours. Since I had searched other websites and knew the rates, I had a rough idea about what the market was charging. So I estimated that this was not the cheapest service, but a somewhat affordable one. I thought of trying them, it seemed as if I was in charge of the entire process.


Once I finalized this decision, I approached the person in live chat. His name was Jason and he was very helpful. I asked a few questions, and Jason was able to convince me even more, he was very persuasive. I was confident with my decision. He was very helpful and guided me on the process to sign up.

Other Reviews

Client reviews and testimonials on were overwhelmingly positive. There was just few negative review. Many customers praised the streamlined process, great work on assignments, affordable rates, well-versed writers and it was the best academic college writing service they ever had the pleasure to use. This confirmed my stance about the company and I ventured forth in signing up.
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After signing up and posting my work, I searched through writers. However, the best writers were asking for 2 day deadlines. Since I had to submit my essay in 2 days as well, I still needed time for preparation. So I decided it was not worth it, was not ready for the risk.

My Experience

I told to the writer everything that I wanted to be included in my academic essay. The main points were to focus on all the basic things I knew my teacher would want.

She (the writer) promised to keep me updated and write about exactly what I had told her. I had given her a time limit of 5 hours to complete the work so that I could go through it once. Two hours passed and I got no update from her. After I messaged she replied nearly 30 minutes later that she had not started yet and was merely in the process of collecting her thoughts. She assured me that she would complete in the allotted time.

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There’s More

After 5 hours had passed, I messaged her, yet she did not reply. I started to get anxious. She replied almost an hour later and asked for an additional 30 minutes. Since I didn’t have the luxury to find someone else, I gave her the time.

After almost 7 hours I got my academic paper, but with some flaws. Sentence construction, tenses, spelling, and punctuation – everything seemed slightly off the mark. Moreover, none of the points that I had specifically asked were covered. I was furious. I asked her to fix it and she asked for another two hours to do so.

After two hours, she emailed me the exact version again with no changes at all. Upon confronting her she said it was the best quality academic writing and that I had no sense of English. I was flustered, rather than approaching her again, I got in touch with the customer support and the live chat. They asked for a day more to fix it. Since I was already doubtful of their service, I refused. I decided to fix the papers I ordered on my own and submitted my essay, but it still wasn’t good enough since the main argument was undeveloped.

I got a B-. The worst grade ever that term.

After conducting a detailed analysis of, we would recommend you to try other a reliable one service