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The last place in this rating list holds a quite poor position for the essay writing services for Canadian students. I really want to put this service up higher on rating, but the very simply user interface and absence of the 3-hour deadline delivery, and also many other websites feature meant that I was unable to do so. Instead, have a “Special Client” academic writing service which will be able to get your delivery in 5 hours if you buy it up.

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However, if you’re not bothered by a rather old-looking interface and rather confusing terms you can rest assured that the paper will be of good quality. In fact, they offer a 98% A+ guarantee for students and that alone makes them unique. They offer complete refunds if the work is mediocre or did not reach by the deadline.

The prices are given below

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Their prices are very competitive. In fact, it is better priced than most websites on this list, but there are very obvious drawbacks. Their home page in itself is very confusing and you will have to tinker along quite a bit before you will start getting what you have to do. Like the other sites on this list, the prices vary according to the level of writing you will need.

The site provides two weeks of completely free revisions where you can rectify your work as many times as you want.

After that, they delete the essay as a company policy because they never re-use any essay they make for a client.

The writers all have MA degrees as mentioned in the site, and they claim to have 1270 professional writers working for them. When I first opened the website, the customer support team window popped up where I could talk to the staff immediately about my queries. Being curious, I knocked them and immediately got a reply which was quite impressive and unexpected.

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The customer reviews were very mixed. Some said that they were satisfied by the work, but some others complained that it charges by the page so it puts in less words and content in a page. Some even went to the extent of calling it a money-making scam. Being curious, I ordered the PCO essay myself with the seven day deadline. Filling out the form was quite confusing but I got my delivery in time. The essay was good, to be honest, no plagiarism. The paper was well laid out and had valid information, but at the same time it was nothing that I couldn’t come up with myself.

That being said, you will get what you pay for. They won’t write college essays that look like it has obviously been written by someone else. I must say I found their work quite satisfactory. If you must, you can order an essay form here, but I would recommend trying out the other entries in the list first as the website looks quite plain by today’s standards and the others are just better. hovers somewhere between the lines of very good and mediocre essay writing service in Canada.