Review and Feedback is another site that does quite well in the field of essay writing help, Canada, Toronto. Although very good in many aspects, the only reason this is not higher up on the list is the not very competitive pricing. As for the service, there is nothing to complain about and you will get a good grade if you pay for an essay.

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Although the cost of the papers is high, rest assured that the operation will also be at the highest level. However, if you’re an undergraduate then the papers run a risk of being too critical and content-based to understand yourself and you will be in imminent danger if you have to explain anything regarding it if you don’t know your stuff.

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The first thing that strikes the eye when entering is the fact that there is a way to calculate your work based on your academic level, deadline and pages. In this way you will easily be able to find out what exactly you are going to pay. Like the sites mentioned previously, they also provide free revisions and money back guarantee. They also do editing and proofreading if you don’t want something from scratch and you can always rely on them for accurate rectifications of your important essay. The writers are claimed to have an extensive background in writing and they also claim to have a few P.H.D degree holders residing on the website.

The customer feedback was generally good, with the plus definitely going to the quality and integrity of the service. The complaint was predictably about the high prices, but the very friendly support and punctual timing made up for it.

The prices for their services are given below:

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I had a good time using their services; the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome paper was a fast product, as I had received it much earlier than the expected deadline. Discounts are comparatively better than their actual service cost. Their discount offer is given below:

15% discount after your 25th order is actually quite impressive and will save you a lot of money if you are a regular. The best thing is, the discounts will stack up if your order is above $500 and it is past your 25th order.

The overall impression I got of the website was they are thoroughly professional and at the same time they had a slick, easy to use user interface which do a lot for them but unfortunately not quite enough for them to put them higher above the previous entries in the list.